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Waging and human resources.
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Waging and HR services

The waging services imply knowledge about the laws in force and provide an evidence of the personnel and related taxes, stated correctly and in due time. Within the waging service, all the statements and reports are compiled and submitted according to the legal terms.

The HR services ensure the management of the human resources and public functions, the improvement of employees’ professionalism, as well as the drafting and management of the specific documents.

The experience of our personnel ensures the accuracy of waging and HR services and guarantee to the customers the effectiveness and good performance of their business.

I. Personnel management services

• REVISAL drafting pursuant to GD 500;
• Drafting, concluding and starting into REVISAL the individual employment agreements;
• Drafting the personnel file, obtaining the necessary documents, papers and statements from the employee;
• Drafting documents that cause amendments into the individual employment agreement, as well as addendums for changing the position, the negotiated wage, the work regime, decisions of suspension of the employment, decisions to terminate the employment, declaring and submitting them pursuant to GD 500<;
• Drafting the seniority certificates for employees;
• Drafting and filling in the certificates requested by the company's employees;
• Drafting any personnel reports demanded by the customer;
• Drafting the documents to obtain assignments from AJOFM;
• Managing the agreements made with AJOFM;
• We provide legislative support for any issue occurred in employments;
• We provide support for the inspections made by the capacitated bodies of the Ministry of Labour.

Personnel management does not only mean to employ an individual and to execute an employment agreement. It involves several responsibilities, rights and obligations for both parties. Failure to meet obligations will unavoidable lead to penalties and fines.

II. Waging services

• Creating and permanent updating the database by registering individual employment agreements, the changes of wage and civil status, the decisions to terminate the activity, sanctioning etc.;
• Drafting the monthly time sheets for wage calculation;
• Calculating the increases and additions to the basic salary: overtime, weekly rest increase, night increase, heavy conditions, prizes, benefits etc.;
• Calculating the annual leaves and sickness leaves;
• Calculating the global, individual or indirect agreement, as applicable;
• Calculating the withholding and wage garnishments;
• Drafting the payrolls;
• Drafting the retirement files;
• Drafting the payment orders for wage taxes;
• Drafting the sole statement 112 and submitting it;
• Drafting the 205 statement (tax records) for employees of the company;
• Drafting any wage reports demanded by the customer;
• Legislative support in any matter of wage calculation.

Waging is a complex matter and it means more than paying a salary. It is a distinct activity that requires a very good knowledge of the laws in force and specialised personnel. Waging means to keep a record of personnel and related taxes accurately and in due time, to draft and to submit all the statements and reports according to the form and terms established by regulations in the field.

III. Advice services in the area of human resources

• We provide advice on executing and terminating the employment;
• We provide advice when drafting reports and decisions of approbation for disciplinary violations;
• We provide advice on the occupational laws in force;
• We draft job descriptions for employees;
• We draft the Internal Regulation;
• We provide advice in drafting the Collective Employment Agreement on unit level.

The Romanian law is continuously changing. In order to be up to date with all the amendments and updates in this area you need guidance and advice.