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Accounting services.
In any company, bookkeeping is an essential and necessary activity with a permanent role...
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Waging and human resources.
We provide waging and HR services, drafting individual employment agreements...
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Tax advice.
It consists in providing professional services in the tax area, providing specialised services and assistance...
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Start-up services

The start-up services mainly concern newly-formed companies and are temporary. They aim at increasing and streamlining the workload. Within the start-up service, the personnel of our company provide support for the implementation of a business in accordance with the Romanian tax system.. The customers will be guided and informed on the necessary formalities related to law matters and not only.

The main start-up services consist in:

1. Providing assistance in forming the company, which means giving advice regarding the choose of the best option in tax and accounting terms, advice on drafting the business plan and necessary information for decision-making;
2. Drafting/ submitting the documentation for company founding at the National Office of Trade Register (NOTR);
3. Scheduling the signing of the documents at NOTR;
4. Advice, subsequent to founding regarding the tax registration of the company at the territorial tax body;
5. Making changes at NOTR related to the company's documents;
6. Assistance in recruiting the personnel from the financial-accounting department, as well as their training;
7. Assistance in personnel management.