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Accounting services.
In any company, bookkeeping is an essential and necessary activity with a permanent role...
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Waging and human resources.
We provide waging and HR services, drafting individual employment agreements...
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Tax advice.
It consists in providing professional services in the tax area, providing specialised services and assistance...
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Primary accounting services

Primary accounting is an economic activity which lies at the base of all accounting operations undertaken by/ in any company.

Primary accounting includes: drafting primary accounting documents; keeping customers’ record; keeping suppliers’ record; managing inventory.

Thus, the activity implied by primary accounting is necessary and essential and has a permanent nature within any company.

DG Business International comes to meet your needs by providing you with a wide range of services starting with primary accounting at competitive prices.

The primary accounting services include:

1. Advice on registering the accounting documents pursuant to the regulations in force;
2. Advice on drafting and submitting the accounting balance sheet;
3. Advice on the review of the accounting reports;
4. Advice on drafting the accounting journal and monthly balance sheets;
5. Advice on calculating the liabilities and drafting the payment documents;
6. Cash book accounting;
7. GNR accounting;
8. Advice on drafting the expense accounts;
9. Advice on drafting the invoices to be issued to the customer (invoicing));
10. Advice on drafting payment/ collection orders to the cash office;
11. Filling in receipts, checks, payment orders, deposit slips.

In addition, the primary accounting service can assume the delegation of one of our employees to your headquarters, in which case the rendered services are charged additionally.