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Accounting services.
In any company, bookkeeping is an essential and necessary activity with a permanent role...
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Waging and human resources.
We provide waging and HR services, drafting individual employment agreements...
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Tax advice.
It consists in providing professional services in the tax area, providing specialised services and assistance...
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Advice in management and business

Advice in management and business could be defined as "enhancement of the organization quality" because the competent personnel turning to account knowledge, techniques and advantages so as to increase organisation performance.

This is achieved by providing objective advice and/ or implementing business solutions. In other words, the management and business advice service provides the customers with the possibility to benefit from advices, solutions and guidance on the business they run.

The management and business advice services cover all the important aspects of a company activity.

The services available for the customer within the management and business advice system are:
1. Drafting objections of any kind (against audit minutes etc.)
2. Advice on regulations changes, import/ export operations, customs code, avoiding double taxation, international transactions;
3. Identifying all the taxes and duties your company has to pay;
4. Assistance in settling tax liabilities;
5. Analysis on the taxes, advice on VAT issues, corporate or revenue tax, direct and indirect tax, wage tax, social security etc;
6. Reviewing and settling specific issues related to the harmonisation with the EU legislation;
7. Reviewing and settling the issues of profit repatriation, tax solutions to maximize investments;
8. Planning in the field of taxes.

At the same time, we provide the tax advice necessary to reduce the taxation.

The main categories of taxes for which we provide advice are:
1. Corporate tax (general rules, taxation rates, calculating the taxable profit, payment of the tax, payment term, corporate tax statement);
2. Revenue tax: the scope of revenue tax, categories of revenue subject to revenue tax, dividend tax (rates, payment terms, statement), defining the revenues from wages, monthly determination of the tax on wage income, payment term for the tax, monthly adjustment of the revenue tax, tax sheets, global revenue statement and special statements;
3. The tax on revenues obtained in Romania by non-residents: scope, taxable revenue obtained in Romania, withholding the tax due by non-residents, reliefs, statements;
4. Local taxes and duties: general rules, calculating the taxes, payment terms, statements), tax on buildings and land, tax on transportation means, other local taxes and duties;
5. Value-added tax: scope, taxable persons, taxable operations, generators, chargeability, territoriality, taxation base and taxation rates, determination, adjustment and reimbursement, invoices, payment terms, VAT return.