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Intrastat services

The Intrastat services are a system for collecting statistic data on the trade with goods between countries belonging to European Union. The Intrastat service system became operational starting with the 1st of January 2007, date when Romania acceded to the EU.

The statistic INTRASTAT statement is filled in by all the entities whose imports and/ or exports from/ to the EU member states exceed the value thresholds established for the reference year.

Who can provide Intrastat services?

The obligation to supply Intrastat data belongs to the entities who meet the following conditions:
1. Are registered in VAT purposes (have a tax identification number;
2. Undertake exchanges of goods with other EU-member states;
3. The total annual value of the exchanges of goods for each of the two flows - inflows and outflows – exceeds the Intrastat value threshold established for each year.

What should one declare to Intrastat?

The main information targeted by the Intrastat service system is:
- the flow (inflow/ outflow);
- the reference period;
- company identification data;
- country of destination/ country of dispatch;
- goods number (8 digits according to the Combined Schedule);
- type of the transaction;
- manner of shipment;
- delivery terms;
- quantity in kg;
- quantity in additional measurement unit;
- invoiced value;
- statistical value.

The deadline to submit the Intrastat data to INS is always the 15th day of the month which follows the month in question.