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Accounting services.
In any company, bookkeeping is an essential and necessary activity with a permanent role...
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Waging and human resources.
We provide waging and HR services, drafting individual employment agreements...
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Tax advice.
It consists in providing professional services in the tax area, providing specialised services and assistance...
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Accounting retrieval services

The activity of accounting retrieval involves checking the existing records and correcting the related errors in agreement with the legislation in force in order to update the accounting statement. Following the suggestions of the review made in detail by checking every document in part, the company will be able to appropriately perform its business within the law.

Accounting retrieval services include:

1. Redrafting and submitting the reports on wage liabilities (drafting and submitting to the competent bodies the amending statements for employees: health, unemployment fund and ITM);
2. Redrafting and submitting the amending statement with the financial agencies, the VAT return;
3. Redrafting and submitting the amending statement at the financial agencies, the statement on the payment liabilities to the state budget;
4. Redrafting and submitting the amending statement at the financial agency, the statement on corporate tax;
5. Redrafting the trial balance.