Our experience is based
on your innovation.

Accounting services.
In any company, bookkeeping is an essential and necessary activity with a permanent role...
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Waging and human resources.
We provide waging and HR services, drafting individual employment agreements...
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Tax advice.
It consists in providing professional services in the tax area, providing specialised services and assistance...
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Despre noi

Who are we? We are an ambitious, experienced and creative company who specializes in providing accounting and consulting services for SMEs, our aggregated competence easily surpassing the age of Romanian capitalism. We dedicated to the aim of providing custom, professional and yet accessible services to the Romanian entrepreneurs, out of the desire to promote the transition to a knowledge-based management.

We are the company who wants to surpass your expectations and establish the standards in the field, by providing a full package of financial services. Our premise - "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" - is certainly the phrase that can describe us best. We promote the exercise of all the functions of an effective management, highlighting the planning, organisation and control-assessment functions. And for these not to be just plain words, we will develop jointly with you the appropriate management system for the company's needs.

Our mission is simple: We are not exigent. We simply want to offer what is best. And we understanding from this phrase that were are required, by default, to deliver accounting, tax and management advice services at the highest standards, at the same time maintaining a high cost/ benefit ratio. We want a visible impact on the economic performance of the company and not only on your budget. How? By implementing the concept of "integrated department of financial-accounting services" remotely. This means that we will be an integrant part of your company. We invite you to the Services section for more information.